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How to wear a scarf ?


Hey Zoe,

I’m going to Paris next week, so the weather will be colder than in HK.
I never know how to wear my scarf.
a long one in cashmere from EPICE.
Any recommendation ?


Hey Yen,

If we knew each other, we would be on the same wavelength! I’m totally addicted to scarves and I can even wear one in summer. I think it’s an essential accessory to complete a look, a key ingredient in the recipe for style. It’s a stylish and trendy way to build an original signature wardrobe and keep you warm at the same time.

Anyway, the issue you raise is inevitable when you wear a scarf. How to tie it in a lovely way? How to not feel overly accessorized, how to wear it with insouciance?

There are endless ways to wear a scarf but I will reveal you mine:

Start by putting the scarf around the front of your neck so the ends hang in back, then wrap the end around to the front and loosen the loop so that it’s comfortable around your neck. For the first time, just think looking at you in a mirror when trying to tie. It’s easy and fast! 




Remember that size doesn’t matter, they will always fit as long as you choose a plain color or a printed one. It’s so easy to mix with your outfit, everything can match: dress, perfecto, tee-shirt, oversized coat… 

The only limit is your imagination!



Random encounter: Man is forced into pillow fight in broad daylight

Oh my fucking god

(Source: theamericankid)


Cat and Guinea Pig College Roommates Not Getting Along

A guinea pig named Cam and a cat named Frasier have feuding. The two college roommates have been at each other’s necks since January, when a housing lottery put Cam in Frasier’s room. The cat had previously been alone in his double occupancy room.

"Frasier was really enjoying the bachelor life, living in his oversized single," said mutual friend Nathaniel Nesbit. "He was really set in his ways and Cam has just gummed up the gears."

According to Nesbit, the two most often fight about trivial things, like the placement of art, which opera to listen to while studying, or whether to catch up on the This American Life podcast during breakfast or supper.

"It’s funny — they’re actually a lot alike," said Nesbit. "If they could just get beyond their petty bickering, I bet they’d be good friends."

Via Castaway in Scotland.

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